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Central Square Foundation is an implementer organization and philanthropy that is headquartered in New Delhi, India.

Key information

Intended impact: To transform India's school education system towards improving the learning outcomes of children, especially those from low-income communities.[1]

Countries/areas where the organization is active: India

Website: https://www.centralsquarefoundation.org/

Email: info@centralsquarefoundation.org

Organization leader(s): Ashish Dhawan (Founder and Chairman of the Board), Bikkrama Daulet Singh (Co-Managing Director), Shaveta Sharma-Kukreja (Co-Managing Director)

Partner/funder organizations: State-level governments and education ministries (e.g., Rajasthan), Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Boston Consulting Group, EdTech organizations, and local and international nonprofits.

Theory of change and its relation to education systems

Central Square Foundation's work is focused on three impact areas: foundational learning, technology in education, and the private school sector.

Among these, foundational learning occupies center stage as Central Square Foundation believes that the development of basic reading comprehension and math skills by Grade 3 is most critical to improve learning outcomes of all children.[2] To this end, the organization is working to raise awareness about the importance of foundational skills, build evidence and shape the supply of effective teaching and learning practices in the classroom, and scale government models that strengthen foundational learning.

With respect to technology in education, Central Square Foundation recognizes that technology has transformative potential to promote quality teaching and learning.[2] With this in mind, the organization is working to encourage supply of contextual solutions and quality content, generate evidence on EdTech's efficacy in India, and build government partnerships to support large scale adoption in schools.

Thirdly, the Central Square Foundation recognizes that the proliferation of low-cost private schools in India over recent years, combined with enrolment data that points to the increasing demand for affordable and accountable education, makes the private school system a vital area of intervention.[2] As such, the organization is working to collect demand data on the sector and support private schools to become enabling environments for high quality teaching and learning.

Central Square Foundation's approach to is work is one that recognizes the importance of the education system as a whole. Its work includes state-level government partnerships aimed at implementing system-wide reforms, while also acknowledging the potential of proximate technology interventions and the important role of non-public school alternatives.

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