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Clare Leaver is an Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, and a Fellow of University College.[1] She is also the research coordinator of the RISE Programme.[2]

How their work relates to education systems

Much of Leaver's research explores school management and ways in which school management can be measured[3], teacher recruitment and retention[4], and how to effectively manage education systems.[5]

In regards to school management, Leaver and her co-author recommend that those "seeking to benchmark management practices in schools to take a systems perspective by extending the WMS approach upwards into the education bureaucracy."[5] They also recommend that when taking school-based measurements of management practices, researchers should consider "how best to assess alignment across practices in the operations domain; the challenge of measuring student learning for monitoring and target-setting; and the context specificity of people management."[5]

Brief biography

Prior to Leaver's work at the Blavatnik School of Government, she was a University Lecturer in Economics in the Department of Economics at Oxford and Fellow of The Queen’s College.

Leaver earned a PhD from the University of Bristol, and remains an associate member of Bristol’s Centre for Public and Market Organisation. Dr. Leaver then joined the University of Oxford to take up a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in 2003, and was appointed to a University Lectureship in 2007. She is the Director of the Service Delivery Programme at the Oxford Institute for Global Economic Development, Research Coordinator of the RISE Programme at the Blavatnik School,[2] and Research Co-Director of the DeliverEd programme.[6]

Much of Leaver's research focuses on careers and incentives within the public sector. In previous research, she has studied Public Utility Commissioners in the United States, and the senior judiciary in England and Wales. In current work, she is focusing on incentives for educators in low and middle-income countries. Specific projects include studies of: the effectiveness of paying for locally monitored teacher presence in Uganda; the impact of paying for teacher preparation and pedagogy, alongside more standard metrics of teacher presence and student performance, in Rwanda; and the welfare consequences of school ‘supply-side’ responses to the Right to Education Act in India.[1]

Key publications related to education systems

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