Compilations of research and evidence on education

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Syntheses and evidence mapping

Primary and Secondary Education Evidence Gap Map (International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, 3ie)

  • Description:' "The purpose of this evidence gap map (EGM) is to provide easy access to the best available evidence on what works to improve education outcomes for primary and secondary school children in in low- and middle-income countries. ... The EGM is based on a comprehensive search for impact evaluations and systematic reviews assessing the effects of a broad range of interventions on access and quality of education. It allows users to explore the findings of 19 systematic reviews through links to user friendly summaries on the 3ie systematic reviews database. It also demonstrates that 2 additional reviews are ongoing. We also provide a summary of our critical appraisal of all reviews included in the map. ..."
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Teaching and Learning Toolkit (Education Endowment Foundation, UK)

IIEP Learning Portal (UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning)

  • Description: "The IIEP Learning Portal is a single window to comprehensive, up-to-date, relevant, and neutral information on learning issues, from primary through secondary education."
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Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis (New Zealand Ministry of Education)

  • Description: "The New Zealand Ministry of Education's best evidence synthesis iterations draw together, explain and illustrate through vignette and case, bodies of evidence about what works to improve education outcomes, and what can make a bigger difference for the education of all our children and young people. The BESs are intended to be a catalyst for systemic improvement and sustainable development in education."
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Best Evidence Encyclopedia (Center for Research and Reform in Education, Johns Hopkins University)

  • Description: "The Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE) is a free website created by the Johns Hopkins University School of Education’s Center for Research and Reform in Education (CRRE). It is intended to give educators and researchers fair and useful information about the strength of the evidence supporting a variety of programs available for students in grades K-12."
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Topical or thematic portals

EdTech Hub

  • Description: "Our goal is to empower people by giving them the evidence they need to make decisions about technology in education."
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Science of Teaching (RTI International, Gates Foundation)

  • Description: "The three areas of focus ... are: 1. Synthesize the body of evidence on effectively implementing FLN [foundational literacy and numeracy] programs at scale. 2. Generate new evidence on how to effectively implement FLN programs in LMICs [low- and middle-income countries]. 3. Disseminate synthesis products developed and new research generated."
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Science of Learning (SOL) Portal (UNESCO International Bureau of Education)

  • Description: "The IBE Portal features technical briefs on relevant neuroscience topics, with clear implications for education policy, teaching, and learning. The Blog IBE Speaks further supports and advocates for using credible research findings to improve teaching, learning, and assessment."
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Play Pieces (Centre for Research on Play in Education, Development, and Learning, PEDAL)

Education partnerships between the state and non-state sector: Evidence Hub (EPG and the REAL Centre)

  • Description: "To coordinate the research evidence already available, and to provide an evidence hub for the ongoing coordination of research on this important issue, Education Partnerships Group (EPG) and the Research for Equitable Access and Learning (REAL) Centre at the University of Cambridge are curating an online platform cataloguing the research evidence on collaborations between non-state sectors in education in low income, lower-middle and upper-middle income countries and economies (Downing & Rose, 2019)."
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Student Experience Research Network (note: United States-focused)

  • Description: "Student Experience Research Network, formerly known as Mindset Scholars Network, is grounded in an interdisciplinary understanding that, in order to learn and thrive, students need to experience respect as valued people and thinkers — and that the practices, policies, and norms in education and society have inequitably shaped this experience of school depending on who students are and the opportunities they are afforded."
  • Link: ; Compendium of studies that that measure learning mindsets

General repositories

ERIC, Education Resources Information Center

EdArXiv: a preprint server for the education research community

Exe Libris: the UK History of Education Society’s Online Bibliography

Institutional repositories

Research on Improving Systems of Education (RISE) Programme research

Center for Global Development publications on education

UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) publications

RTI International's international education resources: SharEd

Teacher Task Force (TTF) Knowledge Hub

Institute of Development Studies OpenDocs on education

Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX)

Regional compilations


African Education Research Database (AERD)

  • Description: "The online African Education Research Database (AERD) has been developed by the Research for Equitable Access and Learning (REAL) Centre at the University of Cambridge, in partnership with ESSA. The database aims to raise the visibility of African research, consolidate the evidence base for policy and practice, and inform future research priorities and partnerships. The AERD is a curated collection of research undertaken in the past decade by scholars based in sub-Saharan Africa. The database includes social science research with implications for educational policy and practice, understood in the context of the global priorities and targets expressed in Sustainable Development Goal 4 ‘ensuring inclusive and quality education for all’, and the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and Continental Education Strategy for Africa. ..."
  • Open-access link:

National compilations

South Africa

Research repository, Department for Basic Education

Education research links on Nic Spaull's personal website

Lists of researchers active in education-related research

Blogs and online publication platforms on education systems in the Global South

Podcasts on educational research