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DeliverEd is a research programme founded in 2020[1] and headquartered in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Key information

Intended impact: "Building knowledge for leaders on how to deliver education reforms"[2]

Countries/areas where the organization is active: Ghana, Pakistan, Tanzania, Jordan, India[3]


Email: [2]

Organization leader(s): Clare Leaver and Martin Williams, Research Co-directors (accurate as of 2021)

Partner/funder organizations: The Education Commission; Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford; University of Toronto; UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office

Theory of change and its relation to education systems

Overcoming the learning crisis is a multifaceted challenge. The aspect of this challenge that DeliverEd focuses on is how to improve service delivery in education systems.

Specifically, DeliverEd seeks to build knowledge on delivery approaches, such as the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit in the UK, Big Results Now! in Tanzania, the Chief Minister’s Special Monitoring Unit in Punjab, Pakistan, and PEMANDU in Malaysia.[3]

A delivery approach is formally defined as "an institutionalized unit or structured process within a government bureaucracy that aims to rapidly improve bureaucratic functioning and policy delivery by combining a set of managerial functions in a novel way to shift attention from inputs and processes to outputs and outcomes" (pp. 12–13).[4] Such delivery approaches have been implemented at least 152 times in 80 different countries.[5]

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