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Edsyclopedia FAQs

See also: About the Edsyclopedia
  • Who can edit Edsyclopedia articles?
    • Anyone with a login to the Edsyclopedia whose permissions are set to include editing can edit. As of December 2020 all individuals with logins also have editing permission. In the future we may grant some individuals outside of the RISE team "read only" access. All members of RISE teams with access to the Wiki are encouraged to edit existing articles and add new ones.
  • How do I make edits to the Edsyclopedia?
    • Look at the Getting started page for steps to get started editing and adding articles to the Wiki.
  • Can I edit text that someone else has already written?
    • Yes, the purpose of the Edsyclopedia is to build a stable, cumulative, collaborative space for synthesizing and outlining research on education systems. Because this is a collaborative space anyone with access is welcomed to edit the text of any article at anytime.
    • That said, please refrain from wholesale deletion. If you disagree with text that someone else has written, we encourage you to instead highlight the point of contention and explain the counterarguments. (The exception here is any text is both factually inaccurate and unsubstantiated, in which case deleting it would be a service to the wider community. If you make any substantial deletions, try to note them down on the "discussions" tab of that page.)
  • Are my contributions to the Edsyclopedia anonymous?
    • No. While Edsyclopedia articles are not "authored" in the sense that they are not attributed to any individual, there is a log of the edit history of each page so your contributions can be traced back to you.
  • I have a comment to make on a page, but I don't want to edit it. How can I make my comment?
    • Each article on the wiki has a "discussions" tab associated with it. This is a great place to leave comments and suggestions if you have something to share but don't want to make an edit to the article.
  • What should I start adding to the wiki?
    • If there are articles that you would like to see added to the Edsyclopedia that are not a part of it you can start by adding those.
    • You can also start off by adding content to articles that are currently stubs. Stubs articles that are not yet complete, and can benefit from your edits.
  • What is the copyright status of Edsyclopedia content?
    • All text on the Edsyclopedia is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. You are free to share and adapt Edsyclopedia text as long as you give appropriate credit.
    • Images and other files uploaded to the Edsyclopedia may be released under other licenses. Refer to each file's information page for details.