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At Global School Leaders (GSL), we believe excellent schools begin with excellent leaders. We catalyze local organizations to deliver and scale high-quality training to school leaders and generate practice-based evidence on how to strengthen school leadership to improve student outcomes. Currently, we work with organizations in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Malaysia impacting over 4000 school leaders and 1 million learners.

Key information

Intended impact: We improve the learning of students from underserved communities in low and middle-income countries by supporting and scaling programs that train school leaders. Also, we develop a better understanding of the characteristics of effective school leaders and school leadership training.

Countries/areas where the organization is active: Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Malaysia.


Organization leader(s): Sameer Sampat and Azad Oomen, Co-Founders

Partner/funder organizations: Our funders include Douglas B. Marshall Jr. Family Foundation, Vitol Foundation, Echidna Giving, Tanoto Foundation, Dubai Cares, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, UBS Optimus Foundation, and KKR Grants among others. Our country partners are Alokit (India), Dignitas (Kenya), Inspirasi (Indonesia), Lemann Center (Brazil), and Pemimpin (Malaysia).

Theory of change and its relation to education systems

School leaders are critical to students’ outcomes, yet many education systems in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) undervalue their role. Training for school leaders, when it exists, often focuses on administrative processes rather than the instructional leadership skills proven to improve student learning. As a result, school leaders often focus on the administrative aspects of their role, rather than building a thriving school culture that fosters learning for children. GSL has three core areas of work that focus on bringing global best practices on improving school leadership to partner countries to effect change in student learning:

One, we catalyze local partner organizations to deliver and scale high-quality training to school leaders.

Two, we generate insights from our partners and the broader research community to inform education policymakers, researchers, and practitioners on the best ways to support and develop strong school leadership.

Three, we build a network of partner organizations to facilitate learning and collaboration.

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