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The Lemann Foundation (Fundação Lemann) is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 and headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil.

Key information

Intended impact: "Our mission is to make Brazil a more just and equitable place by guaranteeing access to high-quality public education for Brazilians of all backgrounds while supporting the development of leaders committed to the social transformation of Brazil."[1]

Countries/areas where the organization is active: Brazil

Website: https://fundacaolemann.org.br/en

Organization leader(s): Denis Mizne, CEO. (Accurate as of July 2021).

Partner/funder organizations: The Lemann Foundation was founded and funded by Jorge Paulo Lemann. The Lemann Foundation also has several co-investors and partners, including Google, The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Imaginable Futures, MIT, and The Lego Foundation.

Theory of change and its relation to education systems

The Lemann Foundation is committed to improving public education and supporting leaders in Brazil. At present, Brazil is one of the world's largest and wealthiest countries, but it is also one of the most inequitable. To reduce Brazil's inequality and work toward the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 10, the Lemann Foundation is focused on addressing the learning crisis and empowering leaders to drive social change.

Currently, 50% of Brazil's 50 million students enrolled in public schools are still illiterate by grade 3. To address the learning crisis and empower leaders, the Lemann Foundation supports innovative, scalable initiatives that can both benefit the people of Brazil and act as a model for equitable development around the globe.

To improve public education in Brazil, the Lemann Foundation focuses on ensuring high-quality instruction in over 15,000 schools, providing educators with resources and professional development, and driving change at the system-level by collaborating with both political and education leaders to implement effective education policies.[2]

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