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The Edsyclopedia policy brief builder:

  • summarises key messages emerging from RISE research and related work;
  • compiles studies that support each of the messages; and
  • offers freely downloadable and editable slides that give evidence for each message.

Learning trajectories

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Learning trajectories are varied, shallow, and flat

More time in school will not produce better learning outcomes, because learning trajectories are too flat

Equity in education, including girls education

Closing the gap between boys and girls will not raise women's learning outcomes nearly enough.

Closing the gap between rich and poor will not raise learning outcomes nearly enough.

Bring up the average from the bottom. Programs that target foundational learning are good for the poorest performers and raise average performance.

Returns to schooling and learning for girls (and boys) are higher than returns to schooling alone.

There is a learning crisis at the top as well.

Low learning is a cause of dropout.

COVID-19 and the learning crisis

The COVID crisis exacerbated a preexisting learning crisis. Children are at risk of falling even further behind when schools reopen because of the misalignment of curriculum with learning levels.

Ed tech is not a silver bullet. It has its uses—but it also has limitations.

Alignment (coherence) elements of instruction to learning needs

Curriculum is overambitious, racing ahead and leaving children behind.

Aligning levels of instruction with goals and the needs of students is key to cultivating student learning.

Teacher careers, motivation, and professional norms

This section is under development.

Delegation from the inside out and top down

This section is under development.

Community accountability and parent preferences

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Education systems coherence

This section is under development.

Innovate with context specific solutions, iterate and adapt

This section is under development.