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Pratham is a civil society organization headquartered in Mumbai, India.

Key information

Intended impact: "To improve the quality of education in India"[1]

Countries/areas where the organization is active: India



Organization leader(s): Dr. Madhav Chavan (Co-founder and President) and Dr. Rukmini Banerji (Chief Executive Officer)

Partner/funder organizations: ASER Centre (spun off in 2005 to independently run the Annual Status of Education Report); funding from 100+ individual and institutional donors[2]

Theory of change and its relation to education systems

Pratham was instrumental in identifying the breadth and depth of India's learning crisis through the creation of the Annual Status of Education Report, proving that India's education system was not cohorent for learning. It has since developed numerous frontline interventions aimed at enabling the acquisition of foundational skills among India's primary school students. It's flagship intervention, Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL), focuses on grouping students not by grade level, but by learning level, to ensure that instruction received is appropriate and accessible to each child.[3]

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