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STiR Education is a non-governmental organization founded in 2012 and headquartered in Uganda and India.

Key information

Intended impact: STiR Education is focused on reigniting intrinsic motivation at all levels of an education system in order to build the foundations of lifelong learning in children.[1]

Countries/areas where the organization is active: Uganda and India



Organization leader(s): Girish Menon, CEO. (Accurate as of July 2021).

Partner/funder organizations: STiR Education partners with multiple governments, including the Ugandan government and various regional Indian governments. STiR Education is also funded by various organizations, including UKaid, USAID, and the Mastercard Foundation.

Theory of change and its relation to education systems

STiR Education works to reignite intrinsic motivation in teachers and education systems. To do this, STiR Education works with teachers and school leaders through peer networks, action and feedback, and reflection. Through providing teachers with peer networks, STiR education aims to develop teachers' senses of autonomy, mastery, and purpose. On the other end, STiR also helps school and district leaders develop their coaching and feedback skills, as well as their ability to facilitate support networks.[2]

  • Peer networks for teachers hold regular small group meetings to strengthen connections, foster mutual support, and ensure sustainable improvement.
  • Action and feedback allows teachers to practice new strategies and behaviors in the classroom, with observation and feedback to further support improvement.
  • Reflection allows teachers to reflect on their experiences, adapt their practices, and refine action plans to implement their learnings into the classroom.

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