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Welcome to Edsy•clopedia: the education systems wiki

The Edsyclopedia is a stable, cumulative, collaborative wiki for synthesizing research on education systems. Articles on any topic related to education systems are welcome.

This wiki is a project of the Research on Improving Systems of Education (RISE) Programme. As a result, many pages focus on findings of RISE Research, but all sources of research are welcome.

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Cultivating student learning

Learning levels vary a lot—and, often, are low.
Let's raise them.
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Systems thinking for education

Interactions, feedback loops & alignment
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Interactions within education systems

for education systems change
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Facilitating the hard
but worthwhile work
of improving
education systems
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working to improve education systems
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& their
education systems
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When adding a new article, please assign it to a category so it will appear on this list. See Getting started for instructions on how to do this.

Article types

Articles labelled thematic synthesis or topic overview are more substantial pieces that go beyond the findings of a single study.

A profile is a brief article focusing on a specific paper, person, or organization related to education systems. (Any article with its title in quotation marks is a paper profile.)

Stubs are incomplete articles or placeholders for articles to be added—you can help by contributing to these.

For more on article types, see Getting started.

Getting help

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